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Arguably the most popular form of property alteration is the installation and retrofitting of uPVC French doors to the exterior wall of a property. Many new build properties are now designed with French doors which open onto a garden or patio area.

If your property was not built with a set of French doors then you will need to make some alterations to accommodate them; this involves cutting out the brickwork, re-tooth the brickwork and making good the internal walls and floor where the wall once was. This may sound daunting to someone who has never done the process before, however it is very simple and can be undertaken by most DIY enthusiasts assuming the width of the existing opening is not being extended.

If the overall width of the opening is to be extended then a new lintel or even steel sections will need to be installed; we strongly suggest consulting a builder if this is the case.

The new doors should be secured to the external brickwork by using masonry screws installed periodically at set intervals, be careful to not over torque the screws as the door case frame needs to stay perfectly square.

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