uPVC Door Flag Hinge Adjustment

Welcome to our information page on uPVC door hinge adjustment, we hope that you find what you are looking for and that you find our information useful. Door hinges may require adjustment over the first few years while the doors settle in throughout the seasons. The change in temperatures means that upvc door frames and sashes will expend and contract and cause the door sashes to catch on the door frame, this is simple to fix by adjusting the hinges.

Flag Hinge Adjustment

Flag hinges are available in many formats from different manufacturers, as flag hinges have more adjustment than butt hinges they are more popular with french doors due to the weight of the sashes causing the doors to drop. Flag hinges can be adjusted up and down as well as sideways adjustment meaning that the doors can be tilted to correct their position once a door has dropped (sagging towards the center of the door).

Flag hinge adjustment

How to adjust upvc door flag hinges.

The grub screw that is visibe when the door sashes are open offer sideways adjustment, to correct a dropped door the top hinge should be very slightly pulled inwards, and the bottom should be wound outwards slightly. Be sure to make small adjustments and note the direction that you have would the screws.

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