uPVC Door Flag Hinge Adjustment

Welcome to our information page on uPVC door hinge adjustment, we hope that you find what you are looking for and that you find our information useful. Door hinges may require adjustment over the first few years while the doors settle in throughout the seasons. The change in temperatures means that upvc door frames and sashes will expend and contract and cause the door sashes to catch on the door frame, this is simple to fix by adjusting the hinges.

Flag Hinge Adjustment

Flag hinges are available in many formats from different manufacturers, as flag hinges have more adjustment than butt hinges they are more popular with french doors due to the weight of the sashes causing the doors to drop. Flag hinges can be adjusted up and down as well as sideways adjustment meaning that the doors can be tilted to correct their position once a door has dropped (sagging towards the center of the door).

Flag hinge adjustment

How to adjust upvc door flag hinges.

The grub screw that is visibe when the door sashes are open offer sideways adjustment, to correct a dropped door the top hinge should be very slightly pulled inwards, and the bottom should be wound outwards slightly. Be sure to make small adjustments and note the direction that you have would the screws.

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Black Composite Doors

At Distinction Doors UK we are manufacturers and suppliers of Black Composite Doors to  both the diy and trade markets. Our composite doors are manufactured from only the highest quality materials including Synseal Legend 70 upvc door frames and Distinction GRP black composite door slabs.

Black Composite Door Styles

Our black composite doors are available in almost all composite door designs, excluding the Vogue and Eminence designs which are only available in white and woodgrain colours. All of the black composite door designs are shown in the below gallery.

Black Composite door frame colours

Many companies supply black composite doors that are installed in a white uPVC door frame; many people prefer this sharp contrast between the black and white. However if you have black or brown windows installed a white composite door frame may look odd! That is why we also offer our clack composite doors in a black or brown composite door frame.

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Buy Bifold Doors Online

Do not be scared to order your uPVC Bifold Doors Online; our secure site is verified by World Pay for your peace of mind and convenience. Below is a guide which will talk you through all you need to know to buy your new sliding bifold doors online. It is simply a case of being able to measure your existing door, decide on your opening style, door colour and having the confidence to make a decision. Any local experienced door fitter will be able to install your doors; many local fitters will offer to measure the doors for you.

The traditional approach to buying a upvc bifolding door is to invite a salesman to your property to measure up, have a cup of tea and talk you through the options. This will usually cost you a lot more time and money; so why not pay trade price online? As online brochures are becoming more comprehensive is there really any need for this step? You wouldn’t invite an Argos representative to your home before buying online…

How to Choose Your Bifold Door

Our online bifold door listings show all opening options for your required door width. Simply decide on your width then decide how many opening panes you would like the bifold doors. This approach to buying a composite door online eliminates the uncertainty that you may be buying a door that you will not like when you see it.

How to Measure your bifold Door

The next step is to measure your door to that it fits nicely in place of your existing door. If you are replacing an existing uPVC door you can simply measure the existing outer door frame width and height including any external drainage cill. Do make a note if the door has an external drainage sill as we will provide a new sill with the new bifolding door if required.

If you are replacing a wooden door we recommend measuring the overall width and height of the door opening at different points to ensure the brickwork is straight. We then recommend to subtract 10mm from both the overall height and width to allow for fitting.

If your property is rendered then you may have to remove some external render to survey the door opening and replace any damaged render once the door is fitted.

Order Bifold Doors Online

Now that you have chosen your design and have your measurements you can order your composite door. If you follow the link below this will take you to our composite door category:

Click here: Buy Bifold Doors Online

  1. Select your bifold door design
  2. Enter your overall door width and height in mm. NB: This size should include any deductions for fitting. Also the height includes the cill if a cill is required.
  3. Enter your cill size if a cill is required. (This is the drainage sill that the door will sit on; if you choose no sill the door will come ‘face-drained’; this option is for installation on stone cills of drainage bricks. Stub cill is 85mm overall projection however the door frame is 70mm so it only protrudes 15mm externally… 150 cill is 150mm and protrudes 80mm externally. NB: Most windows and doors on brick properties have a 150 cill installed.
  4. Choose your bifold door opening option; the opening styles are shown on this page as viewed externally, choose the required code from the drop down menu.
  5. Choose your bifold door colour.
  6. Handle colour – choose from white, brass or chrome handles

NB: If you require your bifold doors to open inwards please call us for advice; in many situations bi folding doors pose no problems when opening inwards. However in some cases bifold doors can make contact with floor coverings, not open fully and take up too much internal space. Therefore we recommend you call us for advice before ordering your  new bi folding doors online with us.

Buy uPVC French Doors Online

Arguably the most popular form of property alteration is the installation and retrofitting of uPVC French doors to the exterior wall of a property. Many new build properties are now designed with French doors which open onto a garden or patio area.

If your property was not built with a set of French doors then you will need to make some alterations to accommodate them; this involves cutting out the brickwork, re-tooth the brickwork and making good the internal walls and floor where the wall once was. This may sound daunting to someone who has never done the process before, however it is very simple and can be undertaken by most DIY enthusiasts assuming the width of the existing opening is not being extended.

If the overall width of the opening is to be extended then a new lintel or even steel sections will need to be installed; we strongly suggest consulting a builder if this is the case.

The new doors should be secured to the external brickwork by using masonry screws installed periodically at set intervals, be careful to not over torque the screws as the door case frame needs to stay perfectly square.

To buy your new DIY French doors online visit our website: Buy uPVC French Doors

Our range of uPVC French doors can be purchased online through our above website. If you buy uPVC French doors online with us you will receive your doors in 7-10 working days from order.