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Many people are now choosing to Buy their new Composite Doors Online, whether they are DIY or trade customers. It is simply a case of being able to measure your existing door and having the confidence to make a decision without being given suggestions.

The traditional approach to buying a Composite Door is to invite a salesman to your property to measure up, have a cup of tea and talk you through the options. However as online brochures are becoming more comprehensive is there really any need for this step? You wouldn’t invite an Argos representative to your home before buying online…

How to Choose Your Composite Door

Our Online Composite Door builder allows you to pick a composite door design, colour and glass design and see the finished product before it is ordered. This approach to buying a composite door online eliminates the uncertainty that you may be buying a door that you will not like when you see it.

Composite Door Builder: Composite Door Designer

NB: Please note the scroll bars and hardware tab offer more designs.

Measure your Composite Door

The next step is to measure your door to that it fits nicely in place of your existing door. If you are replacing an existing uPVC door you can simply measure the existing outer door frame width and height including any external drainage sill. Do make a note if the door has an external drainage sill as we will provide a new sill with the new composite door if required.

If you are replacing a wooden door we recommend measuring the overall width and height of the door opening at different points to ensure the brickwork is straight. We then recommend to subtract 10mm from both the height and width to allow for fitting.

If your property is rendered then you may have to remove some external render to survey the door opening and replace any damaged render once the door is fitted.

Order your Composite Door Online

Now that you have chosen your design and have your measurements you can order your composite door. If you follow the link below this will take you to our composite door category:

Order Composite Doors Online

  1. Select your design
  2. Enter your overall height and width in mm
  3. Enter your sill size if a sill is required. (This is the drainage sill that the door will sit on; if you choose no sill the door will come face drained and sit straight on top of the brickwork/stone, stub cill is 85mm overall however the door frame is 70mm so it only protrudes 15mm externally, etc.
  4. Choose your opening direction; with a front composite door this will usually open inwards; as standard only French doors will open outwards.
  5. Choose your hinge side, this is as viewed from the outside of your door.
  6. Choose your composite door colour
  7. Specify your glass design; if unsure then click on the composite door design again.
  8. Low threshold; the next option is for a low threshold; this reduced the height of the step that you will see when the door is opened. If you choose a sill then the aluminium low threshold will sit on top of the sill.
  9. Finishing touches Рthe next options are finishing touches and need no explanation.

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  1. I have no idea how you’re able to make these composite doors at this price including delivery! You must have your supply chain well nailed down, we always find our suppliers are the ones who let us down and all the running around makes the supply only jobs unprofitable. We might start using you when we have too much on.

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