Black Composite Doors

At Distinction Doors UK we are manufacturers and suppliers of Black Composite Doors to  both the diy and trade markets. Our composite doors are manufactured from only the highest quality materials including Synseal Legend 70 upvc door frames and Distinction GRP black composite door slabs.

Black Composite Door Styles

Our black composite doors are available in almost all composite door designs, excluding the Vogue and Eminence designs which are only available in white and woodgrain colours. All of the black composite door designs are shown in the below gallery.

Black Composite door frame colours

Many companies supply black composite doors that are installed in a white uPVC door frame; many people prefer this sharp contrast between the black and white. However if you have black or brown windows installed a white composite door frame may look odd! That is why we also offer our clack composite doors in a black or brown composite door frame.

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