How To Measure Your uPVC Door

In order to make your job of measuring your uPVC, patio or composite door easier, we have decide to give you a hand… Many people in the UK are not avid DIY enthusiasts; however it could not be simpler to measure a replacement external door yourself in order to save yourself some money.

The enclosed images illustrate how to measure a uPVC door for replacement. Simply measure from brick to brick at multiple points on the height and the width of the brickwork aperture and subtract 10mm from the smallest measurement. This will allow 5mm clearance on all sides for your new uPVC door to be fitted by yourself or your window fitter.

For rendered houses that are rendered up to the existing doors it is necessary to chip away the render in order to attain the exact opening size. The render is then replaced once the new door is fitted; however the door may require a upvc add on to enable the new door to clear the external render if the new door is to be opening outwards. The add on will decrease the size of the door by 20mm on each side but give you the required clearance to renew the render.

Example: Door opening 900mm -10mm (for fitting) = 890mm Width

If Addons are required on both sides: 850+20+20 (890mm Overall). In other words we will manufacture your door to 850mm and supply 2 lengths of 20mm add on to give you the required measurement.

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